Nov 122013

Don’t distort or gloss over what you see. You can’t ignore the seamy side of present-day culture, which you’re bound to encounter, as you already have. You don’t want to present a sanitized, goody-two-shoes version of life if that isn’t what you observe. That’s not ethically honest. Certain works of fiction, including mine, have been criticized for containing content too forthright for the Christian community, when the criticism is put charitably, but that element I can’t ethically change. I’ve never understood how a writer can depict redemption from sin if the reader doesn’t see sin in a character to begin with.

Yet in Scripture I find deception and adultery and incest and rape and rebellion and murder and every destructive act I care to imagine, up to a tent stake hammered through the head of a man by a woman who lies to him. All this I receive as instruction, without attributing it to the author, as I take instruction from the spikes driven into skin and flesh, between the bones of the hands of the one lifted up to heal me of the destruction of death.

Page: 179

Christians can seem so naive at times. Living within our little enclave rather than living a redemptive life in the world. Christ came into the world not to shelter his followers from the real world but to save sinners.

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