Nov 302011

Always looking for new ideas, I just got back from a seminar, “How to Stand Out in a Virtual World” sponsored by the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce and taught by Geoff Hoover & Chad Morgan. Here are some of the ideas I came away with.

Goal? Buzz

  • The goal in creating your Internet Marketing Program (IMP) is to generate that elusive “buzz” – the third party endorsement when one person spontaneously tells someone else about something that creates emotion.

First Impressions Matter

  • You have less than 8 seconds to engage a visitor once they click on your site. Engage visitors immediately.

Webpage is a Platform

  • Needs to have an “offer”
  • Use real people pictures not stock images
  • Needs video. Video not only is good but it keeps them on the site longer.

Unique Selling Proposition:

  • Validates who you are.
  • How are you different than the next guy?
  • Why should they do business with you.
  • Brag sheet
  • You become the authority and resource in your business segment
  • Videos!
  • Offer: “10 things you need to know when buying auto insurance”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Google Keyword Tool – get suggestions for your industry and devote a post per keyword.


  • Create posts for each of our commercials and a page to display them all.
  • Add Facebook links to all outgoing email

Always glad to come out of a seminar with some ideas. Nothing earth shattering, but it reinforces some stuff I already knew but have not tried out.

As with other seminars of this nature, the real drawback is that they are aimed at people who are just beginning to do stuff on the web. Probably need to go online to find higher level information. Guess I haven’t looked cause I haven’t implemented everything I already know I should be doing.

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