May 122014

Anki Spanish Stats

By reducing the number of new cards added each day, I have been able to reduce the number of ‘seen’ cards that are pending review down. I need to get that number down so that cards are not getting delayed long beyond their review date. Once caught up, the number of new cards added will automatically increase.

I also finished Blaine Ray reader Level 2 Book D titled, “¡Viva el Toro!,” but it took me way to long. With vacation and track photos I did not make time to read much this past week. I will now start over again with Book A to make sure I am familiar with the material before moving to Level 3.

    Current Stats:
  • Vocabulary
    • Active Cards: 2120
    • Reviews Pending: 275
    • New Cards Waiting: 616
  • Conjugations
    • Active Cards: 404
    • Reviews Pending: 47
    • New Cards Waiting: 22
  • Grammar
    • Active Cards: 284
    • Reviews Pending: 2
    • New Cards Waiting: 6
  • Total
    • Active Cards: 2803
    • Reviews Pending: 324
    • New Cards Waiting: 644

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