Jun 092013

Darya Pino Rose.

We do not need unhealthy foods to be more convenient or less expensive. And if you’re going to put health aside and eat them anyway, they should also taste absolutely amazing, not just good or even pretty good.

Page: 63

It has always been easy to pass up dessert at a restaurant. Who wants to pay $6 or so for something you don’t need when you are already full.

But what if it is ‘free’? We just got back from a 7-day cruise to Alaska. After our meals we had a choice of desserts which were included. Sometimes they offered something interesting but most were fairly ordinary.

For more than a year I have had no problem passing on desserts and cookies at events and friends’ houses yet I found myself unable to pass up the ‘free’ desserts on cruise. Why?

I am going to allow myself desserts now. But only if they are amazing. And in small quantities for those very special occasions like grandkid’s birthdays.

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  1. This book sounds like an American-style “French Women Don’t Get Fat,” which is one of my favorite food/diet books. :)

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