Feb 022008

Suquamish Casino Resort My wife and I are spending this Super Bowl weekend at the Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort with a ([not-so-sexy->Sexy Insurance! Social Networking for the Insurance Industry]) bunch of insurance agents. Each year members of the Special Risk Agents Association (SRAA) of Washington and representatives from the companies we represent get together for an annual meeting and have a good time. This group of agents is also known as ‘The Dirty Dozen’ because it used to be 12 of the largest agencies that wrote primarily non-standard (aka high-risk) auto insurance. Most agencies go after the ‘preferred’ business, people with no tickets, 2 cars, a home, etc (you have seen the TV commercials). Our agencies go after that business that, historically, the major companies did not want, people with DUIs, lead feet, under 25, etc.

::iimageleft(“ClearwaterCasino.jpg”,Suquamish Casino Resort”):: Anyway, this should be a fun weekend. The resort is on the Kitsap Peninsula and our room looks out over the water, which even on a gray winter day is still gorgeous and relaxing. Even though we will pass the slot machines and gambling tables I doubt I will even put a nickel in the slots. It does not seem like entertainment and I cannot stand the overwhelming smell of cigarette smoke. Instead, Von and I went out today and checked out Bainbridge Island did some geocaching. I should be getting ready to go down to the hospitality suite and then dinner.

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