Apr 232017

July 2015 life got busy for me and I posted my last post here and really slowed down on the Mid-Columbia Insurance website but it is time to get things going again. I originally started this blog in July 2004 with a post wondering what I would do with this online journal and it is time to start pondering that question again.

I realized the other day that I always have a number of ideas/projects that I am working on at any one time both for my business and for my personal life (if there is a difference anymore). While I am working on an idea, it would be great to document the iterations and failures so that next time something similar comes up or if I have to leave the project for a couple months (or years) I can pick up where I left off and remind myself of lessons learned. Also, once the idea is worked out, hopefully it will help someone else.

So, without anymore fanfare, wish me luck.

Gary Paulson

Jan 112013

Trust Me, I'm Lying.
Ryan Holiday.
Page: 59

Study the top stories at Digg or MSN.com and you’ll notice a pattern: the top stories all polarize people. If you make it threaten people’s 3 Bs — behavior, belief, or belongings — you get a huge virus-like dispersion.

–Tim Ferriss, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

If people share your blog post with their friends across social media platforms then you are golden. If they just read it and maybe even make a short comment, you may as well not have written it.

Bloggers are paid by advertising placed on their site. Traffic must be generated and the best, and really only, way to get that traffic is to have others advertise for you by talking about your post. A blogger does not care if you love the post or hate it, as long as he can get you to tell your friends about it.