Jun 252013

2nd day of my challenge to see how many consecutive days I can ride my Trikke 10+ miles.

Columbia Park is a much more difficult ride. The first half of the the trail is in Columbia Park and this portion of the trail is not maintained as well as some of the other portions of the river trail in the Tri-Cities. Half of the trail in Columbia Park is on the edge of the road and is one of the roughest road surfaces in the Tri-Cities. The portions of the trail that loop down to the river are narrow and have grass overgrowing the path in many areas.

The second half of the ride, from the Blue Bridge to the Cable Bridge is along the dike top and is much wider and smoother. This portion of the trail was much easier to ride on.

Some day soon I will attempt to cross the Cable Bridge on the bike path. I am getting much better at climbing hills and bridges are just another form of hill climb.

Day 2

  • MapMyRide: Map
  • Distance: 11.02 miles
  • Duration: 1 hour, 28 minutes
  • Max Speed: 17.1mph
  • Moving Avg: 7.4mph
  • Total Ascent: 119ft
  • Total Descent: 144ft
  • Consecutive Miles: 21.54

Source: MapMyRide.com
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Jul 212010

[flickr float=”right”]4816491463[/flickr] Blue cranes, blue bridge, and blue sky!

The hydroplanes are just starting to rumble into town on their big trailers but preparations are being made to get the river ready for the big boats. I stopped in at the Lampson Pit area to see the large cranes that will be hauling the boats in and out of the water. If you like blue, we got blue.

I have never paid admission to watch the Water Follies. We used to watch from up on Canal Drive but the city has improved the curbing and actively discourages the practice now. Friday is free admission (if you don’t count $5 to park or $1.25 to take the bus) and I may just have to drop in during the morning to see what I have been missing.

[flickr-gallery mode=”tag” tags=”WF00,crane” tag_mode=”all”] click thumbnails to enlarge

While I was out today I saw a plane practicing aerobatics for the airshow this weekend. Wishing I had a lens with more zoom, but with enough mega-pixels you can always crop. The plane streaming the ‘smoke’ is a high-performance Panzl S-330 from the Air National Guard’s Aerobatic Team. The other plane must be Bob Brawdy, the Tri-City Herald photographer, who got a lot of great shots. [flickr-gallery mode=”tag” tags=”WF00,airshow” tag_mode=”all”] click thumbnails to enlarge