Dec 132014


Finally time to do some (late) spring cleaning.  Made some book piles to give away, some to take to the used book store, and the books in the pic will find a new home at the landfill. It is hard to part with books I have had for 30+ years but it will make my dear wife happy (and I will probably never miss them except that fewer of my book shelves will be double stacked).

I have had some of these books for more than 30 years and they have moved with us but it is time to say goodbye. :`(

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Jan 262014

Library Books Had a couple books recommended to me and saw that a number of them were available at my local library. Only one was not checked out, so I put reserves in on all 3. Before I had a chance to get to the library to pick up the one, I got a notice that all 3 were now waiting for me at the library.

Why is it that when you put a couple books on reserve because others have them checked out, they all become available at the same time? Oh well. Now I have to decide which of the 3 books I will try to get finished before all 3 come due.

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Jan 182014

Party games had been prepared by my mother but, because nobody was there, not even my sister, none of the party games were played, and I unwrapped the newspaper around the pass-the-parcel gift myself, revealing a blue plastic Batman figure. I was sad that nobody had come to my party, but happy that I had a Batman figure, and there was a birthday present waiting to be read, a boxed set of Narnia books, which I took upstairs. I lay on the bed and lost myself in the stories.

I liked that. Books were safer than other people anyway.

  • Page: 9 – “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” by Neil Gaiman

As an introvert myself I understand. My books are my long-term friends. My shelves full of books bring me comfort and warm memories of good times between their covers.

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