Jun 222013

Pilgrim Theology.
Michael S. Horton.
The Word is a ladder, to be sure, but, like the incarnation, one that God always descends to us (Romans 10:6 – 17) . In Romans 10, Paul tells us that we do not have to ascend to heaven to bring Christ down or descend into the depths to bring him up from the dead, as if we could make him present or relevant by our zeal .

Page: 349

When reading this passage I immediately thought back to some old gospel tracts that I had seen in college. Christ is the bridge that we must cross to come to God. The problem with that picture is that it assumes that all we need is a bridge. We need more than that.

Bridge the Gap

Bridge the Gap

We, in our unregenerate state, hate God. We want nothing to do with Him. A bridge does us no good. We are dead. Dead people don’t cross bridges. Unless we are first made alive by God’s grace nothing would draw us to God. Once made alive, nothing could keep us from running towards him.

Horton’s picture of a ladder, that Christ descends is much more accurate. The cross/bridge analogy might work if you added Jesus carrying us over the bridge himself. Maybe even dragging us kicking and screaming.

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