Jan 042013

The Glycemic Load Diet.
Rob Thompson MD.
... the next time you see a supersize meal in McDonald's or Burger King, ask yourself how much of what you are looking at is meat and dairy product and how much is bun, french fries, and soft drink -- that is, how much is fat, and how much is starch and sugar? Fast food isn't so much fatty as it is starchy and sugary.
Page: 28-29

Sitting down at the fast food joint, you usually have a small piece of meat sandwiched between two huge buns, a boat load of potatoes, and a large drink (maybe diet to make it less unhealthy). Even at the mexican joints, you are encouraged to eat your fill of chips before a meal.

When I do go to a hamburger place I have asked for my burger to be lettuce-wrapped, bypassing the bun altogether but usually just drop in to the local grocery store for a baked chicken breast.

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