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Coffee with Calvin.
Donald McKim.

We have comfort in election because our salvation is secure in God’s gracious mercy. Our response to God’s call—to believe in Christ—is the outward expression of the election we see mirrored in Christ. Election has a human face, the face of Jesus Christ.

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Jun 162013

Coffee with Calvin.
Donald McKim.

For the Word of God is not received by faith if it flits about in the top of the brain, but when it takes root in the depth of the heart that it may be an invincible defense to withstand and drive off all the stratagems of temptation.
— John Calvin – Institutes 3.2.36

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Our faith cannot be just ‘head knowledge’ but must overflow our heart. Our faith cannot be expressed by winning arguments but by winning hearts through love. Humility is a fruit of our faith because we realize that our very faith is not our ‘doing’ but a gift from God. How can we boast? How can we be smug or arrogant?

Apr 282013

Coffee with Calvin.
Donald McKim.
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Calvin’s writings do not usually conjure up thoughts of Daily Devotions to most people. This book looks like it will dispel any doubts that Calvin had a pastor’s heart and was a firm believer in having a practical faith and was not a proponent of cerebral doctrines.

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Coffee with Calvin: Daily Devotions
by Donald McKim
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
Published: 02/13/2013
ISBN-10: 0664236812
ISBN-13: 978-0664236816
Started: 04/28/2013
Finished: 08/16/2013
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Publisher Synopsis

These eighty-four practical devotions offer an accessible look into the enduring theology of John Calvin. Each day’s devotion presents a short excerpt from Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion, followed by a topical reflection by Donald K. McKim. The book is organized into eight sections and arranged for either daily or weekly devotional study. The sections are organized thematically, allowing readers the flexibility to delve into the topics they are most interested in. Readers will come away seeing Calvin as an eminently practical theologian with timeless insights into the Christian life.

Author Info
Donald K. McKim has served as an acquisitions editor for Westminster John Knox Press, for Presbyterian curriculum, and for These Days daily devotional magazine. He is the author of numerous books, including More Presbyterian Questions, More Presbyterian Answers and A "Down and Dirty" Guide to Theology.

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