Mar 152013

Salt Sugar Fat.
Michael Moss.

His insights had garnered so much respect that—at least in the view of other senior Kraft officials—Mudd became something of a consigliere to the company’s chief executives, the advisor whose whisperings helped guide the boss’s every move.

Page: 13

Word: consigliere
Definition: counselor, adviser <consigliere of a Mafia family>
Pronunciation: k?n-(?)sil-?ye-re, -?yer-?;
  kän-(?)si-gl?-?ye-r?, -r?, -?yer
Example: the President’s trusted consigliere and chief political strategist
Origin: Italian, from consiglio advice, counsel, from Latin consilium
First Known Use: 1615
I wonder if ‘consigliere’ ever shows up on a business card?

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