Jun 202012

Costco Reward Gift Certificate

Not my check…

If you are an ‘Executive Member’ of Costco you receive a 2% reward on most purchases made throughout the year. We just received our ‘Reward Gift Certificate’ in the mail and was pleasantly surprised until I realized how much money we must have spent to get that check!

An executive member can receive a whopping $750 back in rewards. That would equate to$37,500 spent at Costco during the year! I wonder if buying the car they always have parked out front would count? An Executive Membership costs an extra $55 per year, but my reward check has paid the full $110 membership fee plus left us a bit more to spend!

We also have the Costco American Express card so I guess I can be glad that I am getting another 1% back on Costco purchases and 3% on my gas purchases. The 3% is limited to the first $3,000 worth of gas. Hmm, at $4 per gallon that would be 3000/4 = 750 gallons of gas, If you average 25 gallons per fill that would be 750/25 = 30 fills. With 2 family cars, I guess we max this out each year. Wonder if it is time for a 2nd card :)

Dec 162011

Costco Eyeglass Choices

Costco Eyeglass Choices

My last glasses were purchased at a local optician after I won a $200 gift certificate in a drawing. What amazed me was that after the $200 off, I was still out of pocket about the same amount I would have spent if I had just gone in to Costco.

So, after 2 years I decided to go back to Costco for an eye exam and some new glasses. My glasses have accumulated enough scratches that it is time. My optical prescription had not changed too much (always good) but when the doc toggled back and forth between my current prescription and the new one, I will be glad to have the new.

But now the hard part. Choices. Status Quo. Do I pick a pair of glasses based on what I am currently wearing? Or do I find something new? Something with more pizazz? Or just continue with something close to what I am wearing now and hope no one even notices the change.

So, Do I go with the top ones that are pretty close to what I have, or the second pair that are pretty close to the ones I have but a bit darker and wider on the sides, or pair three that are much wider and a bit more square.

Argh! Choices!

Sep 072011

Hanford Jamboree Cross country season has started and once again Kamiakin’s first meet was the Hanford Jamboree. The 2 mile course is run at Leslie Groves park in Richland just south of Snyder Street. Five Tri-City high schools participated, Hanford, Richland, Kamiakin, Kennewick, and Southridge.

Kamiakin dominated the meet. In the Men’s 2 mile race, Kamiakin took 1st through 5th and 12 of the first 14 were from Kamiakin. In the Women’s race, Kamiakin took 1st, 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 12th. The men had 10 runners do the 2 mile course in under 11 minutes and another 10 come in under 12. Anthony Armstrong broke the meet record by running it under 10 minutes, at 9:36. The women had 5 runners under 14 minutes with Stephanie Rexus completing it in 12:01. The truly amazing statistic is that Kamiakin had more than 30 guys and 15 gals run the course.

I have placed my photos a total of 4 places.

Snapped4U is a new place for me to put pictures. The other 3 locations have lower resolution photos that look good on a computer screen but would not make decent 4×5 prints. Snapped4U has high resolution versions of the pictures that can be purchased for $4 each. The downloaded file can then be printed on your home printer or uploaded to your favorite print shop like Costco, Walmart, Walgreens, etc. More in a future post on my reasons for going with Snapped4U.