Oct 092012

Living La Vida Low-Carb

Von and I have both been eating the same basic foods for the last 4 months yet I have lost twice as much weight as she has. Why is it that guys seem to be able to lose weight easier than gals? I was listening to Jimmy Moore’s interview of Jenny Ruhl from back in January. Jenny Ruhl has the website Blood Sugar 101 and is the author of the book of the same name. When Jimmy Moore repeated the oft quoted, “Oh you men have such an easy time losing weight,” Jenny Ruhl mentioned something I had not considered as an answer to this question.

That’s because you’re not necessary metabolically, if the famine comes they’ld rather you starve to death than the breeding females.

It makes sense that human metabolism was designed so that if a famine comes men are more expendable for the survival of the species. A woman’s body is designed to hold on to fat whereas a man’s body is designed for other tasks. This may offend sensibilities but it seems like a good answer to me.

Jun 112012

A very interesting post by “Dr. Jay,” author of “My Big Fat Diet”, looking at the other ailments that a LCHF (Low Carb / High Fat) lifestyle may alleviate. The main reason I decided to cut carbs out of my diet was because of the swelling caused by large amounts of fat inside my body and the concern I have due to the history of diabetes in my family.

Here are two quotes I wanted to save:

The current paradigm implies that weight gain is a causal link in the chain that connects to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and a host of other common conditions. I think that weight gain is not, in and of itself, causal. It is another of the conditions that are symptomatic of the underlying cause which is related to carbohydrates in the diet.
exercise will cause you to overeat but overeating won’t cause you to exercise