Apr 032013

Disney U .
Doug Lipp.

Practice being friendly. Smile and be friendly with each other. Saying good morning to each other backstage will transfer to friendliness on-stage.

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How you treat your co-workers affects how you and they will treat customers. Are you rude to your fellow employee? They are not going to be happy and will take it out on someone. Work may not be the ‘funnest’ place to be but we don’t need to make it worse.

It may seem funny practice being friendly but we should make it a game. Someone walks into your office? Who can be first to say hello? Someone calls into the office> Do they believe you are their friend?

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Mar 172013

Disney U .
Doug Lipp.

Problems? Fine. What are you doing about the things you can change to overcome the road blocks that are in your way?

There is not one darned thing that you or I can do about the recession, depression, bankruptcies, unemployment or interest rates. But there are things that you or I can do about improving the friendliness, fun, showmanship and general happiness of the guests who pay us.

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Mar 052013

Disney U .
Doug Lipp.
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When it comes to being a good employer, who better to learn from than Disney! As the old saying goes, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy;” so also your customers satisfaction is directly dependent on your employees’ attitudes. I am looking forward to learning how I can make our offices a better workplace.

I was able to get a review copy of Disney U and so will put aside my current business read, so I can get this read by the time book gets published at the end of the month.

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Focusing on the Things You Can Change

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Disney U : How Disney University Develops the World's Most Engaged, Loyal, and Customer-Centric Employees
by Doug Lipp
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Published: 03/29/2013
ISBN-10: 0071808078
ISBN-13: 978-0071808071
Started: 03/05/2013
Finished: 03/25/2013
Source: NetGalley
Format: e-book

Publisher Synopsis

In helping Walt Disney create The Happiest Place on Earth, Van France was responsible for a breakthrough in employee training.  In 1955, he created a singular Disney approach and attitude between employee and customer: The Show and The Cast, backstage and on-stage. These are the very essentials of the program still used today among thousands of Disney employees and at all Disney properties worldwide.


France has been described as “a strange combination of three of Disney’s most famous characters – Jiminy Cricket, Mary Poppins, and Donald Duck,” and his program also combined key elements: Training, management, human resources, innovation, engagement, smiles, laughter, and a lot of fun.


DISNEY U by long-time Disney insider Doug Lipp, offers anecdotes of France’s  timeless company values and leadership lessons in both conception and action.  Together they created a training and development dynasty; Lipp unpacks how any company can create a similar level of hands-on care that keeps customers coming back.


Disney University continues to turn out some of the most engaged, loyal, wildly passionate and customer-centered employees the business world has ever seen. Maintaining that high level of sustained enthusiasm – through crises, slumps, and crashes – is a testament to Disney’s investment in people and positive psychology.


The concepts of Disney U can bring the “Imagineer” mentality to your own company – by always putting people first. 

Author Info
Doug Lipp is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author and consultant on customer service, leadership, change management and global competitiveness. His thought-provoking, learn-by-doing presentation style has motivated hundreds of thousands of people around the world to maximize personal and professional success. By age 29, Doug was the head of the training team at the world-famous Disney University at Disney's corporate headquarters. Fluent in Japanese, he was later on the start-up team for Tokyo Disneyland, Disney's first international theme park. After leaving Disney, Doug co-developed an international consulting firm with a Stanford University professor, teaching diverse teams of professionals how to better themselves in the marketplace. Doug is the author of numerous articles and eight books on leadership, customer service, and international business. His latest book, Disney U: How Disney University Develops the World's Most Engaged, Loyal, and Customer-Centric Employees is full of never-before-told stories offering timeless lessons from Disney's legendary leaders. In writing Disney U, Doug interviewed with Disney legends, Disney University Founders, and countless Disney Executives and visionaries who welcomed him into their historic days with the iconic leader Walt Disney. Not many know about Van France, the Disney University Founder charged with the task of creating this famous training empire.

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