Apr 032013

Costco Equinox 10.4 Kayak

Every spring when I enter Costco I am tempted to buy one of these Equinox 10.4 Kayaks. I was able to resist the temptation in years past because I had no easy way to carry it in my convertible. Now that I have a regular car I might be able to fit it either inside the car or on the roof. I do notice that they lowered the price $50 from last year, so it is only $299 but it does not come with the foam block roof rack.

I have read a number of reviews online and am surprised how positive they are. My other reservation has been that I have been spoiled using long & narrow sea kayaks and this kayak is definitely wide. I guess I can always pass it down to the kids/grandkids if I decide to ‘upgrade’ down the road.

Will I be able to resist the temptation this year?

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