Jan 132015

Fitbit 2015-01-11

The holiday blues have finally passed. At least that is the excuse I am using for letting my Fitbit numbers drop so much in November and December.

2015 Fitbit Goals

  • Daily: 15k steps minimum but try my best to get more than 20k. This means I will do whatever it takes to get to 15k each day but hopefully I will hit 20k most days of the week.
  • Weekly: 140k steps which is 20k per day average but I am hoping to hit 150k+ most weeks
  • Monthly: 600k steps which is right in line with 20k per day.

So far I have been able to hit 15k every day this month and 10 of the 12 days have been over 20k.

Hoping I can keep this up. I have been participating in some of the Weekday Fitbit Challenges which has helped push me each day since each Fitbit’er is trying to race ahead of the other or stay in the lead.

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Jan 062015

Fitbit Skyscraper Badge

Just received my Fitbit Skyscraper Badge! Not really sure what I did that got me so many floors yesterday but my Fitbit informed me I climbed 100 floors yesterday! I had about 85 floors when I got home last night, so up and down the stair I went to get the last 15.

After slacking during the last two months on my walking (I will say it was because of the holidays and the cold) I have decided to get back at it. I have been working on setting some Fitbit? goals/challenges for myself which I may publish later.

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Nov 072014

FItbit Skydiver Badge

I got my FitBit One less than 2 months ago on 9/15/2014 and the little device has now tracked me climbing 1000 flights of stairs. My goal is 10 flights per day but between climbing the hills at cross country meets and a few hikes up Badger Mountain, I have been able to best that.

I have had to lower my daily step goal to 15k. 20k was doable but meant I did not have time for other things I wanted to do.

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Oct 152014

Fitbit Stats 2014-10-12

My stats are down a bit this week from last but I expected it. Instead of trying to walk as much as possible each day I have decided to shoot for consistency and attempt 20,000 steps each day (about 10 miles). I was able to do this for every day except Sunday where I walked just under 10,000 steps.

Sundays, when I looked back at my step history, have always been a low step day and that makes sense. I think I will not ‘worry’ about it and make Sunday my rest day and only shoot for 10,000 steps on that day.

Sep 242014

My Current Fitbit Badges

My Current Fitbit Badges

One of the ways Fitbit tries to encourage their users is to hand out virtual badges for certain milestone achievements: steps in day, floors climbed, lifetime distance walked, and more. I have never been much of a badges kind of person but I do find myself wondering how soon I will be able to ‘best’ myself and earn a new badge.

I just earned the ‘250 Miles Lifetime Distance’ badge which isn’t too bad since I have had my Fitbit for less than a month and for someone who says he doesn’t care about badges, I have to admit I looked ahead and the next distance badge is given at 500 miles, so maybe sometime next month. Looks like I also need to hike up Badger Mountain some more so I can work on my lifetime floors climbed badges.

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