Jun 242013
Valley Overlook Geocache GC1XTGX

Valley Overlook Geocache GC1XTGX

My kids have grown out of the desire to hunt hidden treasure with their father, but luckily I have grand-kids who are the age my boys were when we started geocaching. We took them out camping for the first time this year and they wanted to make sure we took some time to hunt the elusive Tupperware.

Going out with them brought back memories of why I enjoyed geocaching so much. The chance to get outside, walk around, but mostly to visit places and vistas you most likely would not have if not for the sport. We traveled quite a few back roads, up some hills, through some boggy roads, and saw some gorgeous country. Great fun.

The view above is from the geocache Valley Overlook (GC1XTGX)

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