Dec 132012

Geo-HoHoHo 12-12-12 Was fun to get together last night with a room full of geocachers for a white elephant gift exchange. It brought back many memories since it was held at the site of our original cache meetings way back in 2002. I have cut way back on my geocaching addiction but there a better group of people to hang out with and what a clever ‘log’ for everyone to sign.

Here is the ‘forum notice’ that “Sluggo” posted to the forums to announce the first meeting for the Geocachers of Southeastern Washington (GCSEWA):

I just sent out this e-mail to all the cachers that I can contact east of the cascades. Of course we would love to have anyone join us.

Hello everyone,

Those of you who know me (and that isn’t many) know that I have a motto that I always live by: “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing”. Well I fear that is what I have been doing with the East Cascade Geocaching Society. I wanted something informal, simple and relaxing, so that I didn’t have to put in a lot of work on it. Well… I did right the opposite. I tried to find the perfect meeting place, in the perfect city, at the perfect time to meet everyone’s needs. Man! That’s a lot of work. So, (at Sugar’s insistence) I have come to the understanding that “it’s time to get the show on the road”. So let’s get rolling.

Beginning November 07, 2002 and on the first Thursday of every month thereafter, we will hold Geocaching Therapy Sessions at Sterling’s Restaurant in Richland, Washington (N 46deg 16.724min; W 119deg 16.403min) from around 6:00 pm until around 9:00 pm.

Bring yourself, your spouse, your non-geocaching friends, your kids, but not your dog (unless it is a guide/assistance dog).

Sugar and I will probably eat while we are there, but it is not a dinner gathering. I talked with the manager and he is cool with people just getting coffee, pie, snacks, etc. He is NOT reserving a table for us, so we will just fill in as we arrive. They have a section that is rather isolated and ideal for a group to just sit and talk. Once again, nothing formal, nothing planned, just a chance to meet each other and chat.

I want to put in a special note for the under 18 crowd (especially my friends from Oasis School), this is for YOU TOO! So, be sure you try to attend (with or without your parents)when you can.

I am going to put a post on the forum so maybe we can draw a few travelers in while we are at it. If you know of a local geocacher that isn’t included in this e-mail, feel free to forward it to them and ask them to drop me a line so I can include them in future mailings.

Sugar and I are looking forward to meeting all of you,

Sluggo and Sugar

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