Nov 122014

Inbox Zero

I have been playing with Google’s new “Inbox” email program. So far I am not 100% sold on it, but it does provide a nice sunny graphic when you hit Inbox-Zero.

The android & web app is currently only available by invite and I keep going back and forth between using it and my old trusty gMail. I do like the ability to snooze items in Inbox but I don’t like that the ‘categories’ are ‘bundled’ in your email stream rather than across tabs at the top. Luckily the hashtag or “#” key still deletes mail and seems to be smart enough not to require that they all be selected first.

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Jan 232014

Permanent Gmail Links

Do you use Gmail? Have you ever needed to save a link to an email? Maybe just to bookmark some important info you will need later. I need links to individual emails that need to be followed-up, for meeting agendas, webinar info, event info, etc. These are all things that you don’t need cluttering your inbox but you do want easy access to them.

Since I have been working towards “inbox zero”, I want to be able to delete or archive an email as soon as I have read it. If it requires follow-up handling later, I need to be able to create a to-do item with a link to the email. If I need info in the email for a future meeting, webinar, or event, I need to be able to add a link to the email in the calendar item.

When I was first reading up on how to do this, all the articles mention just being able to copy the URL from the address bar manually or by using a browser bookmark to automate the process. The solution is not so simple. The problem is, Gmail includes the current folder as part of the email’s URL.

If you copy the URL then archive the email, the original URL will no longer work. If you copy the URL from an email that is in a folder/label and then remove the email from that folder or change the label, the URL for that email will change. And, of course, if you delete an email, the URL changes.

But each email, even deleted emails while they hang around, have a permanent URL. If you look in the ‘all’ folder, you will find all your mail. This, then, is the URL you need to use but how to find it easily?

Until someone points out an easier way, I have found you can easily edit the URL the displayed URL to the ‘permanent’ URL. The procedure I follow is just to edit the URL in the address bar then copy it wherever I need it. You could also edit the URL after you paste it where you need it. Then you can archive, delete, remove labels, etc, and still pull up the email anytime until it is permanently removed from your email collection.

Some examples:

  • Inbox:
  • Label:
    if you change just #label to #all Google will auto-correct your url, removing the label name

What kind of uses can you think of for these links?

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Feb 022013

Keyboard shortcuts help you save time by allowing you to never take your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse. To use them, you'll first have to turn them on by going to “Settings” and selecting “Keyboard shortcuts on” in the General tab. Then, these keys will perform these actions:
 c – compose new email
 / – moves your cursor to the search bar so you can search your archives
 n – moves to select the next message (hit to open it)
 p – moves to select the previous message (hit
to open it)
 u – returns you to your inbox from viewing an open email
 e – archives the email you are viewing or have selected
 r – reply
 f – forward

For more keyboard shortcuts, see Google's official list.

Page: 26

There were a couple of Gmail shortcuts I had not used before that seem very useful. The ‘r’ and ‘f’ are too obvious and are going to be so useful. I have always used ‘j’ and ‘k’ for next & previous but ‘n’ and ‘p’ are more easily remembered for most folk. The other shortcut I see using a lot is the ‘/’ since I am always filtering my mail looking for something.

Thanks Mystie!

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