Mar 302013



Sure we have all heard it and it sounds ‘right’ but is it biblical? Isn’t that the way Christians are supposed to deal with the sin-de-jour? Mark Lowry doesn’t think so and I don’t think the bible does either. The only sin we need to be preaching to those outside the church is the sin of unbelief. Until they get that one right it does not matter if they do everything else perfectly.

Some preachers like to preach against all the popular sins of unbelievers because the unbelievers are not in attendance. The unbelievers are not filling the offering buckets. Just like politicians know how to work a crowd up by demonizing some ‘other’ group, like the NRA or illegal aliens, some preachers use the Us vs Them theme to build a following. Instead, let’s follow Jesus and his example. It is not “What would Jesus do,” but “What DID Jesus do.”

Here is the video where the Mark Lowry quote comes from. It is pretty hilarious if you don’t mind seeing a few of your own sacred cows sacrificed.

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