Mar 102013

Village Church

The podcast sermons of Pastor Matt Chandler at The Village Church in Texas are some of my favorites. He not only handles scripture well but has a delivery style that is captivating. This sermon from Galatians challenges our preconceived notions of what God’s wonderful plan truly is for our life.

It is not cruel, unjust, or wicked of God to wound you in such a way that it knocks out from under you the props of self-reliance and puts your reliance completely on him.

It would be far more cruel of God to allow you to continue to prop yourself up by means of self-reliance because that makes you a slave, so God disciplines those he calls sons and scourges all of those who are his children. It is not cruel of God at all to take from you what might lead you into an eternity of sorrow, to give to you sorrow now that leads to an eternity of ever increasing joy. What you have is a lack of trust in the sovereign love of God. . . .

. . . I want to be real honest. In this fallen world, God’s primary goal for you is not happiness. I think he’ll gift you with seasons of it, but God’s not saying, How can I make them happy?

Listen to the sermon and be challenged in your view of God.

Source: Sons and Slaves - Matt Chandler, The Village Church, May 13, 2012
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