Sep 102011

WTF FTW, LOL. While in Spokane this weekend to watch 3 of my kids run the Tracy Walters Cross Country Meet I stopped into the local Albertson’s to see if they had any interesting craft beers to try out. I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of beers I could bring home to sample. Tonight’s beer is Wilco Tango Foxtrot (WTF) by Lagunitas. One of Lagunitas Brewing’s five seasonal releases scheduled to be released this year, WTF described itself as a “A Malty, Robust, Jobless Recovery Ale.” Last year Lagunitas had released the 2009 Correction Ale and were planning to label this years version the ‘2010 Recovery Ale’ but since there was no recovery they decided, WFT, and named it the Wilco Tango Foxtrot.

This is one of the new style ‘Black’ IPAs. As soon as the cap comes off you can smell the hops and know that this is not your dad’s nut brown ale. It pours a translucent brown that shows hints of red when held up to the light with a nice tan head that holds well. With eyes closed you would definitely put this in the IPA camp, but open your eyes and the dark color makes you second guess.

It has a great ‘mouth feel’ while drinking. So many beers have about as much ‘body’ as a Coke or Pepsi, but beer is supposed to be liquid nutrition, and should have some body to it. This beer does. I may not be much of an IPA fan, and there are many dark beers that I would prefer, but this is one beer I would buy and enjoy again.

Sep 202010

Terminal Gravity Brewery Terminal Gravity Brewery

On our drive to check out Wallowa Lake, I noticed a sign saying, “Terminal Gravity Brewery – 1 block”. I was sure I had heard of it before and even if I hadn’t we would have to stop on our way back down.

So, after cheking out the Oregon State Campground for a future adventure and taking photographs of the spawning Kokanee salmon, we returned to Enterprise, Oregon and Terminal Gravity Brewery. Although they seem to have a large facility, they must not receive too many visitors. Besides a few picnic tables outside, inside they have only 4 stools at the bar and 2 tables.

I ordered a pint of Breakfast Porter and Von had a cup of coffee (sometimes it is good to have a non beer drinker with you). The porter was delicious and was quite satisfying as a liquid lunch especially since we had a very late (and large) breakfast.

Terminal Gravity Brewery Terminal Gravity Brewery

Before leaving I asked about their Barley Wine since it is a style I am not familiar with. The waitress brought me a sample to try. On the palate the Barley Wine had quite a lot of body with a citrus-fruity taste that was balanced by the +11% alcohol content. I decided to bring a growler of this home and to pick up a 6-pack of their IPA for my oldest son.

Terminal Gravity Brewery Now there is one more reason to go camping next year at Wallowa Lake.

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