Jul 192013

Low Crap not Low Carb Because of the weight I have lost this past year, I have had a number of folk ask me ‘how’. I started out on a strict Atkins style diet (this post) that is best described as LCHF – Low Carb High Fat (yes, you can Google LCHF). It is similar to the old Atkins diet except that it does not have the ‘induction phase’ or maybe I should say it only has the induction phase.

I think the best way to describe my current diet is ‘Just Eat Real Food’ or JERF or as the image on the right says Low Crap. I have been able to cut most of the carbs out of my diet simply by avoiding industrial foods made in factories and instead eating, as much as possible, real honest-to-goodness foods.

My first step, though, was to redefine ‘diet’ to not include ‘temporary’. (Maybe the better word would be lifestyle or healthstyle but those sound too cute. I will stick with the word diet.) I am not dreaming of a day when I can go back to eating crap. By removing the crap calories from my diet, I can now stand in front of a tray of brownies and not have the least compunction to pick one up. The sugar craving, constant addiction to wheat & sweets is gone. I am a crap junkie who has kicked the habit.

PS. I have read a number of Paleo books and have listened to a couple of Paleo podcasts but I don’t follow a Paleo diet. I don’t know if it because the name is too cute or if it is because it seems to be a very subjective diet that has factions arguing for or against certain types of food based on their understanding of what cavemen might eat.

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