Jul 142012

Kamiakin Booster Golf Tournament

The Kamiakin High School Athletic Booster Club sponsored its 18th annual golf tournament on Friday – July 13, 2012, at Canyon Lakes Golf Course. The annual tournament is a major source of funding for the Booster Club and helps to support all athletic activities at the high school, which includes:

  • Two $500.00 scholarships (one male & one female) for graduating Kamiakin Seniors that have participated in athletics.
  • Additional athletic equipment used by the sports teams.
  • Assistance in paying for transportation to sports camps

This was the first golf event I have shot. I learned quite a bit and will list at the end some ideas I would like to implement next year and at any other golf tournament I may shoot. It was a ‘shotgun’ start, meaning the foursomes all started at the same time, so I went to the first hole and took photos of the foursomes there and then waited for the next foursome. And waited. And waited.

I had not done enough homework to find out that they were not starting at every hole, only 1-7. So, I was going to have a long wait. I caught a ride in a cart to find the lead foursome and now things progressed much better. Next time I will start at the last hole they are starting at, which in this case would have been hole 7, since all the earlier holes will be coming through one after another.

I took a photo of the score card for each team when they first drove up in their carts so the Booster Club will know who the players are in each photo. Each foursome then posed for a group shot and then I asked if they would like to take a goofy/crazy shot. Some went for it, but many did not have an idea what they would like to do and I did not have very many ideas. I also would like to have taken more more candid shots. I only took a few but like the feel they add to the album. The last thing I thought of that would have been good for a high school booster tournament would be to have had a few cheerleaders available for the pictures. Then I could take 4 photos of every group, the foursome, the foursome with the chearleaders, a goofy/crazy shot, and a candid shot.

Looking forward to doing it again next year!

All the photos I took can be found on my gallery: 2012 Kamiakin Boosters Golf Tournament

Nov 162011


  • Event: Nike Cross Nationals – Northwest Regionals
  • Race: Elite Girls’ Teams by Invitation
  • Date: November 12, 2011
  • Location: Eagle Island State Park, Boise, Idaho
  • Event Info: The NXN Northwest regional qualifies four teams and 10 individuals to the 8th Nike Cross Nationals in Portland, Oregon. December 3.


Oct 302011

On the 29th of October the varsity runners from the Columbia Basin Big Nine (CBBN) and the Greater Spokane League (GSL) met at Wandermere Golf Course in Spokane to find out who would move on to the State Championships the next week. The top 3 teams from each race qualify for state along with any individual runner who finishes in the top 15 of their race.

3A Girls

Top RunnersTimeSchool
1st Katie Knight17:57(North Central)
2nd Kendra Weitz17:19(Shadle)
3rd Stephanie Rexus18:40(Kamiakin)
4th Michelle Fletcher19:13(Kamiakin)
5th Molly Cole19:32(Mt Spokane)
Top TeamsPoints
1st Kamiakin31
2nd Shadle63
3rd Mt Spokane64
4th Sounthridge65
5th Hanford139

4A Girls

Top RunnersTimeSchool
1st Kaitlin Kaluzny18:31(Davis)
2nd Mayra Chavez18:43(Eisenhower)
3rd Lindsey Bradley18:44(Richland)
4th Elise Tello18:45(Eisenhower)
5th Cyra Carlson19:11(Gonzaga)
Top TeamsPoints
1st Eisenhower68
2nd Lewis and Clark93
3rd Central Valley100
4th Richland122
5th Walla Walla125

3A Boys

Top RunnersTimeSchool
1st Nathan Weitz15:21(Shadle)
2nd Anthony Armstrong15:32(Kamiakin)
3rd Hunter Johnson15:38(Mt. Spokane)
4th Kai Wilmot15:44(North Central)
5th Jake Hombel15:52(University)
Top TeamsPoints
1st North Central36
2nd Kamiakin38
3rd Mt. Spokane59
4th West Valley138
5th South Ridge149

4A Boys

Top RunnersTimeSchool
1st Andrew Gardner15.18 (Mead)
2nd Jacob Smith15.30 (Wenatchee)
3rd Summer Goodwin15.32 (Lewis & Clark)
4th JP Wolpert15.43 (Walla Walla)
5th Jaziel Rodriguez15.45 (Eisenhower)
Top TeamsPoints
1st Eisenhower65
2nd Wenatchee101
3rd Central Valley105
4th Lewis & Clark113
5th Mead126

Meet Photos

Links to online photos of the meet. If you know of other photos online, please let me know.

Sources: Athletic.net

Oct 222011

Hard to believe the cross country season is almost over. For more than half the runners here, today was their last cross country race of the season since not every team advances to the Regional meet and there will not be any more JV races.

3A Boys Varsity

2011-10-20 CBBN District Championship - 3A Boys Varsity Following up on the League Meet last week, Kamiakin once again shut out the competition, finishing with the top 6 runners and all seven runners from the team finished in the top 10.

With all 5 scoring runners in front, Kamiakin scored a perfect 15, West Valley second with 99 points, and Sunnyside third with 112. Other team scores were 4th Southridge 119, 5th Hanford 135, 6th Eastmont 135, 7th Kennewick 147, and 8th Pasco 203. The first four runners all came in under 16 minutes; Anthony Armstrong 14:41 (Kamiakin), Keegan McCormick 15:40 (Kamiakin), Austin Oser 15:45 (Kamiakin), and Austin Richards 15:53 (Kamiakin).

Event Photos:

3A Girls Varsity

2011-10-20 CBBN District Championship - 3A Girls Varsity The Kamiakin Varsity Girls had a great race, winning with 26 points. Southridge was 2nd with 43, 3rd Hanford 93, 4th Eastmont 96, 5th West Valley 112, 6th Sunnyside 182, and 7th Kennewick 193.

All 5 of Kamiakin’s scoring runners finished in the top 10 and the remaining two runners finished in the top 15. Stephanie Rexus (Kamiakin) ran the course in 17:53, her first time to break the 18 minute barrier. Rachel Dahl (Southridge) came in second at 18:38 and Michelle Fletcher (Kamiakin) took 3rd with 18:54.

Event Photos:

3A Boys JV

2011-10-20 CBBN District Championship - 3A Boys JV The Kamiakin JV Boys once again showed that they are more than just the best JV team in the district. When the top 20 JV runners were called up for awards, the first 13 were all from Kamiakin and only 4 of the 20 were from other schools. Based on their times, three of the JV runners would have placed within the top 20 Varsity runners: Phil Snyder, Kyle Paulson, and Kevin Paulson. Amazing! The top 5 JV runners all finished under 17 minutes for the 3 mile course and a total of 16 Kamiakin runners were under 18 minutes.

As a matter of fact, if the Kamiakin JV Boys had fielded a second 7 man Varsity team at Districts, they would have taken 2nd place: Kamiakin: 15, Kamiakin JV: 103, West Valley: 115, Sunnyside: 130. Too bad the Kamiakin JV team cannot run Regionals this next week.

Event Photos:

Meet Photos

Links to photos of the meet. If you know of other photos, please let me know and I will add them.

Results Source: Athletic.net

Sep 152011

Kamiakin Boys Cross Country Some of the best teams in the Northwest competed against each other this weekend at the 6th Annual Tracy Walters Invitational hosted by North Central High School at Audubon Park in Spokane. Six of the eight boys teams scheduled to compete are ranked in the top 10 in the Northwest. I don’t quite understand the polling since the WA 3A polls rank North Central as #1, Bellevue as #2 and Kamiakin as #3 yet the national poll has Kamiakin ahead of both Bellevue and North Central. I am hoping the national polls are correct.

The eight boys’ teams represented were: Coeur D’Alene, Bozeman, Jesuit, Bellevue, Glacier Peak, Kamiakin, North Central, and Joel Ferris. North Central, once again, won the boys’ varsity race but Kamiakin came in second. For the first time in the 6 year history of the meet, North Central did not win the JV race, but instead Kamiakin’s depth showed that it will be a force to contend with for years, 9 of the top 15 were from Kamiakin, 4 from North Central, and 2 from Bozeman and amazingly the top 25 JV runners are all underclassmen.

Anthony Armstrong surprised no one by beating the meet record he had set last year, running the 3 mile course at an incredible 15:07, just 6 seconds off the course record set 18 years ago. It would be interesting to be able to come back and see him run this course at the end of the season instead of as the first real meet of the season.

The girls’ teams were from Coeur D’Alene, Bozeman, Jesuit, Glacier Peak, Kamiakin, North Central, Shadle Park, Central Valley, Eastlake, and Lewis and Clark. Kamiakin’s girls came in third, behind Jesuit and the winner, Bozeman. Kudos to both teams for the long drives and still placing at the top.

Besides scoring the top runners, North Central also gives a team award based on the combined total points of each team member. The Lewis & Clark girls steam rolled into first place with 33 runners and 2165 points. The strength of Bozeman’s girls is evident in that they were only 133 points behind with less than half the number of runners. If they had only 1 more runner who had placed in the top 70 they would have beat out Lewis & Clark.

North Central won the Boys’ team award with 30 runners scoring 2436 points. Amazingly, Kamiakin was only 15 points behind North Central. One of Kamiakin’s top JV runners had to miss the race to take the SATs. He easily would have got those 15 points and more likely would have more than 100 points. Oh well, if wishes were fishes….

The course loops around the beautifully wooded 26 acre Audubon Park three times, each time going up and down a deceptively arduous incline twice. Once the gun goes off, most spectators head to the middle of the course where the runners must pass four times to make both passes of the hill. For photographs I set up at the starting line, head over to the base of the hill to catch the runners coming down the first time, head over to the west side of the park to catch the runners after they come down the hill the second time. I then head back to the middle of the course to catch the runners as they hit the hill for the second lap. At this point the runners have begun to string out and so after most of the runners have gone by me I begin to make my way down the east side of the course towards the finish to catch straglers and then the runners as they work on their final lap. If I have worked it out right, and not dawdled too much, I will be at the finish line when the first runner crosses. This gave me photos at the start, finish and 4 other positions along the course.

I ended up with about 300 photos of each of the four races which I was able to whittle down to 200 by deleting blurry shots and duplicates. I actually wish I had taken more because a few of the shots I kept were not as sharply focused as I wish but decided to keep the photo rather than not have a picture of that athlete on the finish line, etc.


Sep 072011

Hanford Jamboree Cross country season has started and once again Kamiakin’s first meet was the Hanford Jamboree. The 2 mile course is run at Leslie Groves park in Richland just south of Snyder Street. Five Tri-City high schools participated, Hanford, Richland, Kamiakin, Kennewick, and Southridge.

Kamiakin dominated the meet. In the Men’s 2 mile race, Kamiakin took 1st through 5th and 12 of the first 14 were from Kamiakin. In the Women’s race, Kamiakin took 1st, 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 12th. The men had 10 runners do the 2 mile course in under 11 minutes and another 10 come in under 12. Anthony Armstrong broke the meet record by running it under 10 minutes, at 9:36. The women had 5 runners under 14 minutes with Stephanie Rexus completing it in 12:01. The truly amazing statistic is that Kamiakin had more than 30 guys and 15 gals run the course.

I have placed my photos a total of 4 places.

Snapped4U is a new place for me to put pictures. The other 3 locations have lower resolution photos that look good on a computer screen but would not make decent 4×5 prints. Snapped4U has high resolution versions of the pictures that can be purchased for $4 each. The downloaded file can then be printed on your home printer or uploaded to your favorite print shop like Costco, Walmart, Walgreens, etc. More in a future post on my reasons for going with Snapped4U.

May 072011

Finally processed the photos from the Columbia Basin Big Nine league meet on April 28th, 2011. This time Kamiakin & Southridge traveled to Yakima to run against West Valley at their Chuck Millard Track.

Links to all the photos can be found below, but here are my favorites from the photos I took:

2011-04-28 18.46.56 D60 2011-04-28 18.31.23 D60 2011-04-28 17.51.52 D60 2011-04-28 17.47.54 D60

Sep 042010

Cross Country season has started up again! The kids have been working hard all summer getting into shape for what should be a great season. The Kamiakin boys and girls are both ranked #3 in the state for for 3A schools and are working hard to improve that ranking.

The first race of the year is the Hanford Jamboree (stats), a 2 mile course with 3 races scheduled, one each for the girls and boys who had made 10 practices so far this year (meaning they had not missed a practice) and then a community fun run for everyone else. Runners from Hanford, Kamiakin, Southridge, Kennewick, and Richland High Schools got their chance to run against other schools and the clock.

The Kamiakin girls started out strong with the five girls running in a pack at the front for the first part of the race and finished the race in positions 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6! Go Kamiakin! The top five Kamiakin boys placed in positions 1, 2, 3, 6, and 10, a good solid showing. According to Athletic.net, Anthony Armstrong finished the two miles in 10 minutes flat, though the unofficial team time had him at 9:57! It is fun to watch that boy fly. The final race was a community fun run with adults (aka older people) as well as middle schoolers running with the cross country team members who had not been to enough practices to run in the main races.

I am looking forward to watching the Kamiakin runners this year. Next week we go to Spokane for the Tracy Walters Invitational at Audubon Park in Spokane.

Jul 222010

UL-929 - Miss Ice Harbor

Ice Harbor Brewing is sponsoring the “All Black, All the Time” UL-929 Unlimited Light hydroplane for the 2010 Columbia Cup. The UL-929 is owned and driven by hometown driver Vince “X-Man” Xaudaro, a 1985 graduate of Kamiakin HS. We got to see the Miss Ice Harbor up close and personal when it made a showing at the Marina (and we had a great lunch while we were there).

This will be the first time the boat has been on the water since it was severely damaged in an accident three years ago in at Silver Thunder in Silverdale, WA. According to the UL-929 Racing website, “in the final heat the hydroplane launched off a roller in turn 2 of the first lap and literally stuffed the nose re-entering the water. Both sponsons disintegrated on contact and were ripped off the hull.” The website has some before and after pictures and it is pretty amazing to see the boat stripped down to the hull.

Also, check out the web site for a great story on why Vince chose the ‘929’ in UL-929 as a tribute to his father.

Good Luck Vince! Nice to have a local boat we can cheer on.

[flickr-gallery mode=”tag” tags=”ul929,waterfollies2010″ tag_mode=”all”] click photos to enlarge