Dec 172013

Kadlec Urgent Care Ribbon Cutting

Kadlec Urgent Care Ribbon Cutting

There was a gorgeous sunset this evening while they were doing the ribbon cutting for the new Kadlec Urgent Care Center on Clearwater Ave in Kennewick. I did use Snapseed to HDR the colors but still amazing what a camera phone can do (as long as you don’t blow it up too big).

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Apr 082013
2013 Tri-City Geocoin Challenge

2013 Tri-City Geocoin Challenge

It is that time of year again! On Saturday, June 29-30, 2013 the three cities of the Tri-Cities are once again hosting a Geocaching Challenge that awards those who complete their quest a 3-part coin. This will be the 4th GeoCoin Challenge to be put on in the Tri-Cities and it should be a doozie.

Find 10 geocaches in each of the 3 cities, Richland, Pasco, Kennewick, to earn each of the three trackable geocoin puzzle pieces. You must find all 30 geocaches to complete the puzzle. Geocoins are limited. There are only 300 trackable geocoins per city. Once they are gone you will have to try again next year.

Due the limited number of coins, there is a limit of one set of coins per household but if your family member really really needs to have their own, you can purchase additional coins for household family members who also successfully complete the challenge. Kids 10 and under who complete the challenge will receive a special trackable item

More Info:
Facebook Event

Do you geocache?

Source: 2013 Tri-City Geocoin Challenge
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Mar 272013

Girls 100m Hurdles

JV Girls 100m Hurdles

This may not be the ‘best’ photo I have ever taken but it represents my photography right now. How?

First, it is a track photo. I have been to 3 track meets in the last week and so now have already spent about 15 hours on the track and have created over 4,000 photos to process and upload.

Second, this photo is from the Junior Varsity meet. Junior Varsity best describes my current photography skill level. I do get a lot of practice (see note about 4,000 photos above) but sometimes the results are not what I had hoped for and definitely not Varsity level. Like the athletes, I strive for a PR (Personal Record) each time I go out but in with the good shots I get quite a few PUs (a term I learned from Coach Clay Lewis, Personal Ugly).

So, sit back and enjoy watching my attempts to get it right and capture the moment.

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Mar 222013

Camera Phone Sunset

Camera Phone Sunset

As I was coming home this evening I saw the rain clouds over Pasco and decided to drive down to the banks of the Columbia River to see if I could get an interesting photo. I did not have my ‘good’ camera with me so instead just used my camera phone, a Galaxy Nexus, to capture what I could.

The rain cloud photos did not turn out as I hoped but towards Rattlesnake Mountain I caught this photo of the sunset which I thought was worth sharing.

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Jun 122012
Rose Garden Gazebo
Rose Garden Gazebo
Rose Garden Gazebo

This is the first in a series of posts about interesting places I have found around the Tri-Cities to enjoy my brown bag lunch. If you have a favorite spot, please let me know!

If you enjoy sitting outside and listening to the various bird songs while surrounded by beautifull roses this is the place. A short level walk from the Library parking lot brings you to this nice little secluded spot. I am sure on hot days and especially weekends you will also hear the laughs and giggles from young kids playing at the nearby water feature.

There are bathrooms at the water feature but I would not count on them being open but the Library has restrooms just inside their front doors.

  • Tables: 8 or so picnic tables all squeezed into the gazebo (probably so they can mow the grass) but are moveable
  • Benches: 3 on the outer perimeter surrounding the gazebo
  • Covered: Yes
  • Restrooms: Yes, one near the water feature and another at the Library
  • Surroundings: 8 out of 10
  • Trash: One can nearby
  • Location: Grange Park next to the library on Union St.
  • Address: 1620 South Union St., Kennewick, WA 99338
  • Parking: At the Library and off of 19th and Arthur St.

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Jan 042012

General Mills Grain Silo

After my adventures the other night taking some night shots around the Cable Bridge area (guess I need to put more of those photos up) I decided to try some more night shots. My luck with the ugly “Ash Grove Cement Plant” made me think of the old abandoned General Mills grain silo off Clearwater Ave. in Kennewick.

Rather than shoot the picture from Clearwater Ave, I crossed the railroad track to shot it from the other direction, putting the empty railroad cars in the foreground. I think it turned out pretty well except for some of the bright lights that shined through.

I looked online for info about the grain silo but couldn’t find anything about when it was built, etc. Anyone know?

Dec 222011

I was asked to take some photos of this years Cable Bridge Run for the Port of Pasco to use in some publicity pieces. The day was cold and quite overcast. I really wish instead of a gray sky as a background I could have had a nice blue sky with some clouds. I may have to learn how to ‘replace’ the sky with a shot from earlier this year.

Also making it difficult was that not all the runners would be going by my location. The 1 mile runners never passed the Port of Pasco property since they finished more than a mile earlier. The 5k runners ran along Ainsworth in front of the Port property and the 10k runners ran along the river on the back side of the Port property. I went back and forth bewtween the front and back to try to get some shots that would highlight the Port of Pasco.

You can check out all the photos by going to my SmugMug album: 2011 Cable Bridge Run