Apr 282013

Eat That Frog!.
Brian Tracy.

You must develop the routine of “eating your frog” before you do anything else and without taking too much time to think about it

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I have added “Label Frog” as the first item on my Daily Checklist.
The second item on my Daily Checklist is “Eat That Frog.”

Each morning I make sure that I have only one item on my Office ToDo List that is ‘starred’ and ‘high priority.’ Hopefully I will get a couple things checked off my ToDo List but this item is my focus each day. I may be interrupted and have urgent items come up but I come back to this item to get it done. Once done, I can go back to my Daily Checklist and check “Eat That Frog” as complete.
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Feb 022013

Keyboard shortcuts help you save time by allowing you to never take your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse. To use them, you'll first have to turn them on by going to “Settings” and selecting “Keyboard shortcuts on” in the General tab. Then, these keys will perform these actions:
 c – compose new email
 / – moves your cursor to the search bar so you can search your archives
 n – moves to select the next message (hit to open it)
 p – moves to select the previous message (hit
to open it)
 u – returns you to your inbox from viewing an open email
 e – archives the email you are viewing or have selected
 r – reply
 f – forward

For more keyboard shortcuts, see Google's official list.

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There were a couple of Gmail shortcuts I had not used before that seem very useful. The ‘r’ and ‘f’ are too obvious and are going to be so useful. I have always used ‘j’ and ‘k’ for next & previous but ‘n’ and ‘p’ are more easily remembered for most folk. The other shortcut I see using a lot is the ‘/’ since I am always filtering my mail looking for something.

Thanks Mystie!

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