Jan 252014

LSM Trikke Ride 2014-01-25

Numbers mark the miles ridden.

Today was the first “Last Saturday of the Month” (LSM) Trikke Ride for 2014. I started at the Wye Park and rode north along the Columbia River Trail for 6 miles, reaching Hains Avenue in Richland before turning around and coming back to Wye Park.


  • Distance: 12.76 miles
  • Moving Time: 1 hour 40 min
  • Max Speed: 16.8 mph
  • Moving Avg: 7.5 mph

Because of the cold weather and the inversion this month I have only been able to get out 10 days this month for a total of 70.2 miles. I envy the folks that I see who live in warmer climates.

Source: Route on Endomondo
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