Apr 232017

July 2015 life got busy for me and I posted my last post here and really slowed down on the Mid-Columbia Insurance website but it is time to get things going again. I originally started this blog in July 2004 with a post wondering what I would do with this online journal and it is time to start pondering that question again.

I realized the other day that I always have a number of ideas/projects that I am working on at any one time both for my business and for my personal life (if there is a difference anymore). While I am working on an idea, it would be great to document the iterations and failures so that next time something similar comes up or if I have to leave the project for a couple months (or years) I can pick up where I left off and remind myself of lessons learned. Also, once the idea is worked out, hopefully it will help someone else.

So, without anymore fanfare, wish me luck.

Gary Paulson

Dec 212013

Jane Sander from our local NBC affiliate, KNDU, came by my office at Mid-Columbia Insurance yesterday to ask me some questions about winter driving and what drivers should do after an accident on icy roads. My primary advice was to get off the road as quickly as possible. If you were in an accident because the roads are slick then the next person on the road may have the same problem. It would be tragic to have a serious accident while exchanging information.

Gary Paulson at Mid-Columbia Insurance

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Source: NBC Right Now/KNDO/KNDU Tri-Cities, Yakima, WA
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Jul 252010
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Each summer my company, Mid-Columbia Insurance, has a summer BBQ for the employees of our 4 offices. Employees are encouraged to bring their families, even parents are welcome. We rent the gazebo next to the Kennewick library because it has a water feature play area for the kids, lots of grass, and nowhere they can get into too much trouble. Once again this year we had a ‘bounce house’ set up for the kids. This is always a big hit.

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Instead of cooking on a small camp grill as we have done in years past, this year we were smart and rented a grill and were able to get the meat cooked in a much more timely fashion. The grill was actually built into a trailer that can be towed and had two propane tanks attached. Since we had a nice grill, in addition to the standard hamburgers and hot dogs, this year we had steaks for the adults. These were a big hit and am sure we will do it again next year.

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There was plenty of food! Everyone brought a side dish to share. Not only did we have the standards, potato salads, macaroni salads, chips, and desert, we even had shrimp ceviche! Num Nobody had an excuse for going home hungry and I don’t think anyone did. And there is always the watermelon contest later, just in case.

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After the food it was time for games. First were the games for the kids. When the temperature is near 100 degrees, it is best to have games that involve water. We played ‘Drip, Drip, Dunk’ first. It is a variant of ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ but instead of just tapping kids on the head the kids drip water on the the kids in the circle then pour the cup of water on the ‘goose’ who must then chase them around the circle. After all the kids had a chance to be both the ducker and goosee we had a ‘Sponge Relay Race’. The two oldest kids sat with buckets on their heads while the other kids race back and forth with a soaked sponge trying to fill the bucket.

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For the adults, once again we played Bingo. We had 10 nice prizes. 10 games does take a while to play. Next year we might cut it back to 5.

The finale for the company picnic is always the kid’s watermelon eating contest. We broke them into two age groups and watched the kids demolish their pieces. I do not know where those kids put that watermelon but, except for green rind, red juice, and black seeds, they all gobbled it down quite quickly.

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