Oct 132013

Grain Brain.
David Perlmutter.

I believe that the shift in our diet that has occurred over the past century—from high-fat, low-carb to today’s low-fat, high-carb diet, fundamentally consisting of grains and other damaging carbohydrates—is the origin of many of our modern scourges linked to the brain, including chronic headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, movement disorders, schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and those senior moments that quite likely herald serious cognitive decline and full-blown, irreversible, untreatable, and incurable brain disease. I’ll reveal to you the profound effect that grains could be having on your brain right now without your even sensing it.

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All of us are familiar with the obesity epidemic as well as the soaring number of kids with ADHD and seniors with dementia. Could all three of these conditions be traceable to the same root cause: a grain-based diet?

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  • Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, MD
  • Connection: Obesity in America, ADHD in Kids, and Dementia in Seniors

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