Jun 272013

4th day of my challenge to see how many consecutive days I can ride my Trikke 10+ miles.

For today’s ride I started at the parking lot on the east end of Chiawana Park and trikked 1 mile to the end of the bike bath at the west end of the park, turned around and trikked a little over 4 miles to the Blue Bridge. Once there, I decided to attempt to climb the slope to the top of the bridge.

I surprised myself by actually making it to the flag at the top of the Blue Bridge. My arms were worn out. The bike path ramp up to the bridge is narrow and appears not to have been swept clear in some time, the sand littering the trail making carving up the incline quite challenging. Once on the bridge walkway, carving on the windswept concrete path was much easier even though the path is quite narrow.

The path along the river is fairly well maintained. Much of today’s ride was wide and smooth. Even with quite a number of folks riding bikes and families taking evening walks, it was easy to pass the pedestrians and be passed by bikers. Some of the trail, between Road 88 and Road 92, has not been widened but at least most of it seems to have been resurfaced recently.

Where to ride tomorrow?

Day 4

  • MapMyRide: Map
  • Distance: 11.21 miles
  • Duration: 1 hour, 26 minutes
  • Max Speed: 17.4mph
  • Moving Avg: 7.9mph
  • Total Ascent: 173ft
  • Total Descent: 212ft
  • Consecutive Miles: 43.72

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May 252013
Trikke Route 2013/05/24

Trikke Route 2013/05/24

Great Trikke ride along the Sacajawea Heritage Trail this evening after work. Started at the little parking area at W. A Street and 25th Ave. in Pasco and rode west all the way to Chiawana Park. The path is well kept and fairly smooth and I think I will be returning to this area more often.

It is my furthest ride so far, just under a 10 mile round trip. To go any further west I would have to ride in the bike lane on Court Street to the I182 bridge. I could extend the route to the east, by either starting at or heading to the Cable Bridge. Someday soon, Bridge to Bridge to Bridge. Cable, Blue, & I182.

Here are the stats:
Route on Google Maps – Total distance: 9.8 mi
– Total time: 1:17:12
– Moving time: 1:16:06
– Average speed: 7.6 mi/h
– Average moving speed: 7.7 mi/h
– Max speed: 15.2 mi/h

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Apr 082013
2013 Tri-City Geocoin Challenge

2013 Tri-City Geocoin Challenge

It is that time of year again! On Saturday, June 29-30, 2013 the three cities of the Tri-Cities are once again hosting a Geocaching Challenge that awards those who complete their quest a 3-part coin. This will be the 4th GeoCoin Challenge to be put on in the Tri-Cities and it should be a doozie.

Find 10 geocaches in each of the 3 cities, Richland, Pasco, Kennewick, to earn each of the three trackable geocoin puzzle pieces. You must find all 30 geocaches to complete the puzzle. Geocoins are limited. There are only 300 trackable geocoins per city. Once they are gone you will have to try again next year.

Due the limited number of coins, there is a limit of one set of coins per household but if your family member really really needs to have their own, you can purchase additional coins for household family members who also successfully complete the challenge. Kids 10 and under who complete the challenge will receive a special trackable item

More Info:
Facebook Event

Do you geocache?

Source: 2013 Tri-City Geocoin Challenge
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Dec 222011

I was asked to take some photos of this years Cable Bridge Run for the Port of Pasco to use in some publicity pieces. The day was cold and quite overcast. I really wish instead of a gray sky as a background I could have had a nice blue sky with some clouds. I may have to learn how to ‘replace’ the sky with a shot from earlier this year.

Also making it difficult was that not all the runners would be going by my location. The 1 mile runners never passed the Port of Pasco property since they finished more than a mile earlier. The 5k runners ran along Ainsworth in front of the Port property and the 10k runners ran along the river on the back side of the Port property. I went back and forth bewtween the front and back to try to get some shots that would highlight the Port of Pasco.

You can check out all the photos by going to my SmugMug album: 2011 Cable Bridge Run