Sep 302013

2013 Nike Pre-National Cross Country Meet Zenfolio Photos (2000+ photos)
Portland Meadows, Portland, Oregon
September 28, 2013

Alexa Efraimson pulls away at Nike Pre-Nationals

Alexa Efraimson pulls away at Nike Pre-Nationals

Girls Varsity Jim Danner Champions Team Scores 
1.  Arroyo Grande   116
2.  Summit          117
3.  Rocky Mountain  145
4.  Camas           145
5.  Sunset          149
Girls Varsity Jim Danner Champions Top 10 Results
 1.  11  Alexa Efraimson       17:59.67  Camas  
 2.  10  Ella Donaghu          18:40.86  Grant  
 3.  12  Sam Mckinnon          18:55.09  Mountain View (ID)  
 4.  12  Charlotte Corless     19:06.65  Sunset  
 5.  10  Hannah Gindlesperger  19:09.89  Summit  
 6.  12  Emily Wolff           19:22.62  Arapahoe  
 7.  12  Rose Christen         19:26.76  Central Kitsap  
 8.  12  Nicole Goecke         19:27.23  Prairie  
 9.  11  Alexis Fuller         19:33.79  Union  
10.  12  Paige Dilmore         19:36.20  Rocky Mountain

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Nike Cross Nationals is the culmination of the 8 Nike Cross National Regional qualifying meets held around the country. The course makes 2 1/2 loops within the infield of the horse track at Portland Meadows in Portland, Oregon. Obstacles on the course include the whoopty-doos, a series of 4 foot berms, the hay bales, and the ever present mud which, some years, can be ankle deep. Spectators have great access to view the race from the infield of the course or can avoid the weather from inside Portland Meadows’ enclosed 3,000-seat grandstand. Video cameras are staged along the course and one camera follows the runners around the complete course. The video can be watched on the jumbo screens both inside and outside as well as the live webcast on

Based on the results of the Regional Qualifying meets, 22 seven-person clubs and an additional 45 individuals are invited to both the Boys and the Girls Championship Races and to a fantastic weekend. In addition, individual runners and teams who don’t qualify for the championship race can sign up to run the same course in the Open Race.


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