Mar 272013

Gone Girl.
Gillian Flynn.

You have heard the saying “puts the fun in dysfunctional,” well this story gives new meaning to the term “nuclear family.”

I may have given this story a 3-star rating when I was midway through the book but the conclusion definitely brought it to 4-stars. Halfway through I wondered if I would finish it. As a matter of fact, I remember checking my player and being surprised when I saw that I was only halfway through the audiobook. I figured there was a chapter left to wrap up the story, and the story so far had been full of intentional TV drama cliches.

Then came the first twist. Sorry, no spoilers but this second part will force you to examine the psycology of guy-gal relationships and hopefully not find your past relationships quite wanting.

The second twist made you feel that the story was going to resolve in a satisfactory way but instead wraps up the story in such a way that it left me say “No!”

This story gives you reasons to “be the best you can be” but hopefully for better reasons.

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