Mar 302013
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One essential concept of Getting Things Done is to set aside time, even if it isn’t much, to daily and weekly reviews, where you check in with your lists, remind yourself of what’s on your plate, and keep both your systems and your mind current. If all your lists are going to benefit you, you must actually look at them.

I have always struggled with the weekly reviews of my task lists. I have put the weekly review on my list of To-Do’s each week but it is so easy to skip. But without a review you have things that remain at the bottom of your list that either should just be reviewed or moved to top priority because you forgot about them.

Do you review your list of To-Do’s? Any suggestions?

Mar 272013

Gone Girl.
Gillian Flynn.

You have heard the saying “puts the fun in dysfunctional,” well this story gives new meaning to the term “nuclear family.”

I may have given this story a 3-star rating when I was midway through the book but the conclusion definitely brought it to 4-stars. Halfway through I wondered if I would finish it. As a matter of fact, I remember checking my player and being surprised when I saw that I was only halfway through the audiobook. I figured there was a chapter left to wrap up the story, and the story so far had been full of intentional TV drama cliches.

Then came the first twist. Sorry, no spoilers but this second part will force you to examine the psycology of guy-gal relationships and hopefully not find your past relationships quite wanting.

The second twist made you feel that the story was going to resolve in a satisfactory way but instead wraps up the story in such a way that it left me say “No!”

This story gives you reasons to “be the best you can be” but hopefully for better reasons.

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Sep 062010

Yakima Craft Brewing - Stout

This begins my first beer review. I do not pretend to be a beer snob but hope that by writing out my thoughts, not only will I become more discriminating in my taste but will enjoy the different varieties of beers. I will use the format for reviews and hope I will be able to start tasting some of the subtle flavors as I gain experience.

I picked up (Stout) from Albertson’s on Clearwater Ave. in Kennewick. They store it in the walk-in fridge along with a wide selection of other craft brews. Albertson’s has this beer priced at $5.39 for the 22oz. bomber bottle. (Stout) is a seasonal label bottled by Yakima Craft Brewing Co. in Yakima, WA since February 2010. The website also says “(STOUT) is made with honey and features a classic dark-grain taste. Built to enjoy, this is a sessionable semi-sweet seasonal.” The bottle does not say what the alcohol level is, but according to the company’s website it is 6.3% by volume.


Appearance – The beer poured from the bottle with very little head which dissipated quite quickly. The beer is very dark, almost black.

Smell – I could smell a dark roasted smell almost of coffee.

Taste – The beer had a roasted taste that has some initial flavor but then seems to fall flat. I did not notice the honey mentioned by the website.

Mouthfeel – Sat well on the palate. Not too heavy but would like to have had some more flavor come to life.

Drinkability – Although the beer starts well, there is no finish. I would never turn it down but would look for something better if given the opportunity.