May 252013
Gary & Kirsten after 11 mile LSM Trikke Ride

Gary & Kirsten after 11 mile LSM Trikke Ride

My 16yo daughter, Kirsten, and I enjoyed a beautiful morning along the Columbia River for our first ever LSM Trikke Ride. These rides, on the last Saturday of the month (ie LSM), are designed as a way for Trikke Riders to get together for a group ride which is not only fun but also gets heads to turn and people talking about Trikkes.

I was riding my T12 Roadster and my daughter had it easy, riding the battery powered Pon-e hybrid Trikke. We started at the end of Columbia Point Drive in Richland at 10am and rode along the Riverfront Trail up to the 5.0 mile mark above Snyder Street. The riverfront is pretty in the morning and not too crowded. We passed through 3 city parks, Columbia Point Marina Park, Howard Amon Park, and Leslie Groves Park.

LSM Trikke Ride

LSM Trikke Ride

When we made it back to our starting point, the GPS said we had only gone 9.4 miles so instead of stopping I continued down the trail under the highway into the undeveloped portion of Columbia Point. The trail climbs from river level at a pretty good grade, at least for me with my current Trikke skills. When I reached the point where the trail forks to either climb the grade to the I182 bridge or continue along the trail along to the Point, I saw mile marker 0.0. I had always thought the starting point of the trail was at the parking lot. Now I could quit. We turned around and went back to the car.

1 hour and 22 minutes of riding, 10.99 miles. A new distance record for myself. I think I had a good average speed because my daughter was always ahead of me on the electric Trikke. Maybe next time I can make it all the way to WSU Tri-Cities.

Here are the stats:
Route on Google Maps
– Total distance: 10.99 mi
– Total time: 1:22
– Moving time: 1:13
– Average speed: 7.9 mi/h
– Average moving speed: 9.0 mi/h
– Max speed: 16.5 mi/h

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Apr 082013
2013 Tri-City Geocoin Challenge

2013 Tri-City Geocoin Challenge

It is that time of year again! On Saturday, June 29-30, 2013 the three cities of the Tri-Cities are once again hosting a Geocaching Challenge that awards those who complete their quest a 3-part coin. This will be the 4th GeoCoin Challenge to be put on in the Tri-Cities and it should be a doozie.

Find 10 geocaches in each of the 3 cities, Richland, Pasco, Kennewick, to earn each of the three trackable geocoin puzzle pieces. You must find all 30 geocaches to complete the puzzle. Geocoins are limited. There are only 300 trackable geocoins per city. Once they are gone you will have to try again next year.

Due the limited number of coins, there is a limit of one set of coins per household but if your family member really really needs to have their own, you can purchase additional coins for household family members who also successfully complete the challenge. Kids 10 and under who complete the challenge will receive a special trackable item

More Info:
Facebook Event

Do you geocache?

Source: 2013 Tri-City Geocoin Challenge
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Feb 092013

Cougar in Howard Amon Park

I was asked by the City of Richland’s Park Ranger if I could get her a photo of the new cougar statue at the north end of Howard Amon Park for the Geocaching Coin Challenge the city would be sponsoring later this year. As the sun was setting I located the statue and took a couple of photos but was rushing too much to beat the disappearance of the light. Still, I am happy with this shot.

Source: Cougar in Howard Amon Park
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