Dec 222011

I was asked to take some photos of this years Cable Bridge Run for the Port of Pasco to use in some publicity pieces. The day was cold and quite overcast. I really wish instead of a gray sky as a background I could have had a nice blue sky with some clouds. I may have to learn how to ‘replace’ the sky with a shot from earlier this year.

Also making it difficult was that not all the runners would be going by my location. The 1 mile runners never passed the Port of Pasco property since they finished more than a mile earlier. The 5k runners ran along Ainsworth in front of the Port property and the 10k runners ran along the river on the back side of the Port property. I went back and forth bewtween the front and back to try to get some shots that would highlight the Port of Pasco.

You can check out all the photos by going to my SmugMug album: 2011 Cable Bridge Run

Oct 302011

On the 29th of October the varsity runners from the Columbia Basin Big Nine (CBBN) and the Greater Spokane League (GSL) met at Wandermere Golf Course in Spokane to find out who would move on to the State Championships the next week. The top 3 teams from each race qualify for state along with any individual runner who finishes in the top 15 of their race.

3A Girls

Top RunnersTimeSchool
1st Katie Knight17:57(North Central)
2nd Kendra Weitz17:19(Shadle)
3rd Stephanie Rexus18:40(Kamiakin)
4th Michelle Fletcher19:13(Kamiakin)
5th Molly Cole19:32(Mt Spokane)
Top TeamsPoints
1st Kamiakin31
2nd Shadle63
3rd Mt Spokane64
4th Sounthridge65
5th Hanford139

4A Girls

Top RunnersTimeSchool
1st Kaitlin Kaluzny18:31(Davis)
2nd Mayra Chavez18:43(Eisenhower)
3rd Lindsey Bradley18:44(Richland)
4th Elise Tello18:45(Eisenhower)
5th Cyra Carlson19:11(Gonzaga)
Top TeamsPoints
1st Eisenhower68
2nd Lewis and Clark93
3rd Central Valley100
4th Richland122
5th Walla Walla125

3A Boys

Top RunnersTimeSchool
1st Nathan Weitz15:21(Shadle)
2nd Anthony Armstrong15:32(Kamiakin)
3rd Hunter Johnson15:38(Mt. Spokane)
4th Kai Wilmot15:44(North Central)
5th Jake Hombel15:52(University)
Top TeamsPoints
1st North Central36
2nd Kamiakin38
3rd Mt. Spokane59
4th West Valley138
5th South Ridge149

4A Boys

Top RunnersTimeSchool
1st Andrew Gardner15.18 (Mead)
2nd Jacob Smith15.30 (Wenatchee)
3rd Summer Goodwin15.32 (Lewis & Clark)
4th JP Wolpert15.43 (Walla Walla)
5th Jaziel Rodriguez15.45 (Eisenhower)
Top TeamsPoints
1st Eisenhower65
2nd Wenatchee101
3rd Central Valley105
4th Lewis & Clark113
5th Mead126

Meet Photos

Links to online photos of the meet. If you know of other photos online, please let me know.