Aug 282011

Roller Derby Tuesday night the Atomic City Rollergirls (ACRG) were at the 2011 Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo. The ACRG went up against two different teams, the Rodeo City Rollergirls from Ellensburg and the Femme Fianna from Tacoma. To play the two teams, the ACRG divided into two teams, the ACRG Freshmeat and the ACRG Vets. The Vets ended up with a win over the Femme Fiannas but the Freshmeat team lost to Rodeo City.

The announcers, who I believe were ACRG team members, gave a good introduction to the rules of the game as it started and some commentary and chit chat during the event. I think more play-by-play and color commentary would have helped the crowd’s interest.

As a sponsor of the Demolition Derby on Monday night, we had passes to the Sponsor/VIP. For the rodeo, these are great seats (if you get there early enough to get a front row seat at the rail) but for the roller derby they were quite distant from the action. Still it was interesting to watch and the ‘free’ food, catered by Florentina’s in the sponsor area, was good.

I did my best to get some good roller derby photos, but my poor telephoto lens was pushed to its limits in the low lights at such a distance. If you would like to see some great photos of the event, check out those of John Sokol and Kai-Huei Yau.

May 072011

Finally processed the photos from the Columbia Basin Big Nine league meet on April 28th, 2011. This time Kamiakin & Southridge traveled to Yakima to run against West Valley at their Chuck Millard Track.

Links to all the photos can be found below, but here are my favorites from the photos I took:

2011-04-28 18.46.56 D60 2011-04-28 18.31.23 D60 2011-04-28 17.51.52 D60 2011-04-28 17.47.54 D60