Jun 152013

I wanted to get a picture of the cruise ship we would be taking to Alaska. We were too close to get the ship into a single frame of my camera so instead I took six shots of the ship that I could combine into a single panorama shot. Usually these type of shots are used to capture landscapes but can be used anytime you need to go wider than your camera allows.

It is best to set the camera up on a tripod but I did not have the time to pull the tripod out of my backpack so instead I just took my chances. To increase my chance of getting a good result I also overlapped the images by about 50% so that photoshop would have alot of wiggle room when it combined them into a single picture.

When creating a pano you want the rotation point to be as close to the lens’ focal plane as possible, another good reason to have the camera on a tripod and even better if you can move the camera back with an adjustment plate so that the lens’ is right over the pivot point. No such luck when hand-holding the camera since the rotation point is you as you rotate to capture the images which pushes the lens’ focal plane out by at least 6 to 10 inches.

Because the pivot point is so far out of line with the focal plane, the resultant image has a curve. I used the transform tool in Photoshop to remove most of the aberration but you can still see it if you look at the concrete barriers that run along the edge of the parking lot.

Still, I am happy with the result and learned something about making panos.

Star Princess Pano

Source: Star Princess @ GaryPaulson.net
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Jun 012013
Alaska Princess Cruise

Alaska Princess Cruise

I had mentioned a long while back to a friend of mine, Jim Carey, who works for Cruise Holidays that I would be interested in hearing about any special rates he finds for cruises.

He ended up messaging me a couple weeks ago that the Star Princess Alaska Cruise had a special rate for an inside cabin of $350 per person and wondered if I was still interested. Just so happens that this is our anniversary weekend and who can pass up $350 to Alaska?


Bridge Cam Live from the Star Princess
(F5 on PC or Command+R on Mac to refresh)

Of course there are other taxes and there will be tips but this is almost half the normal rate and my bride of 34 years will get a true vacation where others take care of her for a whole week.

See ya!