Jun 302013

Trikke Tri-City Loop

Because of some prior commitments which got me out of the house at 7am and not home till till 3am, I was unable to ride my Trikke on Saturday which broke my 4 day streak of Trikke rides. Hopefully I will pass the 4 consecutive days of 10+ mile Trikke rides this week. My current status is always available on my MapMyRide page.

Since I was not able to ride yesterday, I decided to push myself and attempt to loop the Tri-Cities. It would be my first attempt to cross the two bridges which span the Columbia River between Richland and Pasco and between Pasco and Kennewick. I started the loop at the Wye Park in South Richland, crossed the Yakima Delta and Yakima River into Richland proper and then clawed my way up the bike path to cross the Columbia River into Pasco. The 5-mile mark was at Chiawana Park where I rode the bike path along the north bank of the Columbia River to the Blue Bridge which would mark the 10-mile mark and bring me back to Kennewick. I had to take a quick break in Columbia Park to soak my feet in the river before continuing back to my starting point at the Wye Park. 15.66 miles round trip in a little over 2 hours. Wow!

I won’t be able to ride this route often since it does take 2+ hours and is quite a workout but hopefully I can attempt it at least once each weekend. By tracking my time and overall speed I will also be able to watch my improvement.

Tri-City Loop – #01

  • MapMyRide: Map
  • Distance: 15.74 miles
  • Duration: 2 hour, 05 minutes
  • Max Speed: 19.5mph
  • Moving Avg: 7.5mph
  • Total Ascent: 373ft
  • Total Descent: 406ft

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