Jan 082013

The Glycemic Load Diet.
Rob Thompson MD.

The bottom line is that refined carbohydrades are unnatural foods that behave unnaturally in our bodies. It's not surprising that the more of these "bad carbs" wwe eat, the fatter and more diabetic we get.

The reason low-carb diets cause weight loss is not that they restrict carbohydrates in general. In fact, the more fruits and vegetables people consume, the less likely they are to be overweight. Low-carb diets work because they eliminate refined carbohydrates--flour products, potatoes, rice, and sugar.

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I joke that I am more vegetarian than some vegetarians I know. Having removed meat from their diet, they now eat more carbs. Instead of being vegetarians, maybe they are carbotarians! On the other hand, rather than increasing the amount of protein that I eat, I have tried to replaced the refined carbs in my diet with more vegies.

Once I get down to my ‘goal weight,’ I don’t plan on reintroducing the ‘bad carbs’ into my diet. This is not a short-term weight-loss diet but a lifesyle diet. I now know that I am insulin resistant, that my body is allergic to refined carbs, and that to reintroduce them would mean that I would put back on every pound I have been able to shed.

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Oct 252012

Steve Gibson is a computer and cyber-security expert who I have listened to for years on the “Security Now” podcast with Leo Laporte. Earlier this year he began experimenting with a very low-carb diet and began hinting about it while discussing his book recommendations in a couple of the April Security Now podcasts. In May he finally ‘came out’ with some details about his n=1 low-carb experiments in two TWIT special podcasts dedicated to the subject.

This Sunday, October 28th, Steve & Leo will be having a follow-up podcast. It will be interesting to see what he has to say. I have learned so much about nutrition, insulin, leptids, ketones, and the glycemic index in the last 5 months and feel I will need another 2 years just to understand what little I currently ‘know’.

On his website, Steve gives the following Q&A series to answer questions about very-low-carb living:

Question:What may be the SINGLE HEALTHIEST CHOICE YOU can make?
Answer:Choose to NEVER eat calorie-dense carbohydrate.
Question:“Calorie-dense carbohydrate???”  What’s that?
Answer:It’s the term we use here to mean any form of rice, any form of
corn, any form of potato, and anything made from wheat: bread,
donuts, cookies, crackers, chips, pretzels, and everything else. In
other words, any grain- or starch-based food.
Question:Whoa there!  That seems rather extreme!  Besides, I like cookies!
And what about whole grain? I thought that was good for me!
Answer:This is a complex topic, and it’s controversial, not because there’s
much doubt about it any longer, but because it’s not what anyone
(even me!) wants to discover is true . . . But I’m afraid that it is.
Question:Okay.  Hmmmmmm.  What if I just back off on those things a bit?
Answer:That doesn’t work, at all.  Perhaps you’ve tried that in the past?
I explain, below, why it must be total avoidance or don’t bother.
Truly amazing things happen if you are able to get over, onto the
other side of “The Sugar Hill”.  (And it is a bit of a hill to climb!)

On the latest Security Now podcast, Steve asked for listeners to write in with their experiences so far on a low-carb diet. Here is my summary of the last 5 months:


I dropped carbs shortly after listening to your 2nd Sugar Hill podcast in mid-May. I had done ‘Atkins’ 10 years ago but fell off the wagon. I think the reason I have been able to stick to it is that the idea of avoiding ‘calorie-dense’ carbs is much easier to do than trying to just ‘limit’ carbs.

Anyway, I am 6’0″ and started at 245.6 lbs. In 5 months I have dropped to 194.8 lbs bringing my BMI from 32.95 (obese) down to 26.5, not far from 24.9 where the government won’t consider me overweight. I have had to trade my size 40 pants for size 34s and buy L instead of XL shirts.

When I started I hoped to hit 185 lbs (24.9 BMI), but now that I am within 10 lbs I think I will blow past that. My goal, though, is not so much to lose more weight but to live healthy.

Thank-you for giving me the kick in the but I needed to get started.

In some future posts I will detail some of the resources I have found useful as well as my experiences in this new low-carb lifestyle.

Oct 092012

Living La Vida Low-Carb

Von and I have both been eating the same basic foods for the last 4 months yet I have lost twice as much weight as she has. Why is it that guys seem to be able to lose weight easier than gals? I was listening to Jimmy Moore’s interview of Jenny Ruhl from back in January. Jenny Ruhl has the website Blood Sugar 101 and is the author of the book of the same name. When Jimmy Moore repeated the oft quoted, “Oh you men have such an easy time losing weight,” Jenny Ruhl mentioned something I had not considered as an answer to this question.

That’s because you’re not necessary metabolically, if the famine comes they’ld rather you starve to death than the breeding females.

It makes sense that human metabolism was designed so that if a famine comes men are more expendable for the survival of the species. A woman’s body is designed to hold on to fat whereas a man’s body is designed for other tasks. This may offend sensibilities but it seems like a good answer to me.