Jul 252015


My office computer started showing signs of early dementia last week and by Wednesday I knew it was time to retire the computer. Thursday I had no choice.

The first signs were minor. My computer was requiring re-login each time I came back to the office and other things I just attributed to windows quirks.

Then on Wednesday I noticed that none of my scheduled tasks were being run. Pulling up the scheduled task program popped up one warning after another from Windows for each task that the scheduled task was missing. Going into the system directory, I could see them all sitting there, nice & pretty.

Thursday I logged on and started up the Chrome browser and up popped a message that the program could not be run because some companion file was missing. I didn’t even know Chrome had a companion. Ok, I tried Internet Explorer. Same thing. I tried another program and got the same message.

I went into the system and told it to go to a restore point from early in the week when windows updated. No help.

I told it to go back even further. Ah, sorry. Wouldn’t let me.

I knew at this point it was time to give up. Time to make a trip to Costco. All they have are Windows 8 machines but I will upgrade it to Windows 10 as soon as I am sure it will work with our various vendor sites.  I thought I would make it through life without every touching a Windows 8 machine. Oh well.

Dec 232013

I have been frustrated for a long while that my photo thumbnails do not show up when displayed in Windows Explorer under Windows 7. I have lived with it thinking I had searched for an answer but recently ran across a solution that seemed so simple and I could not remember trying it.

Windows 7 Displaying icons rather than thumbnails

Windows 7 Displaying icons rather than thumbnails

I found out all I had to do was go into windows explorer (where you browse files) and click “Organize” at top of screen then select “Folder and Search Options.” Under the “View” tab (second one up top) look in the advanced settings section. The very first line should be “Always show icons, never thumbnails.” Mine was checked. All I had to do was un-check it and hit “Apply.” Voila. Thumbnails.

Now to figure out how to get my Canon .CR2 RAW images to show up as thumbnails.

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Apr 182013

I just added a task to my Windows 7 task scheduler and it didn’t seem to be running. In trying to diagnose the problem, I found the tab that is labeled “History” but it says “History (disabled)” and no history is displayed. I looked and looked but found no way to enable the history for the scheduled task.

Enamble/Disable Task Schduler History

Enamble/Disable Task Schduler History
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I did some research and finally found the answer. It is a bit convoluted so I thought I would write it up so next time I would remember what to do.

Enabling Task Scheduler History

  1. Open Task Scheduler as Administrator
    1. Click the Windows Start Button
    2. Type task scheduler in the search box
    3. Right Click and select Run as Administrator
  2. Select Task Scheduler (local) in the left pane (Console Tree)
  3. Click Enable All Tasks History in the right pane (Actions)

This is an all or nothing selection. Windows 7 does not let you turn the history on just for some tasks and not others.


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