Sep 062010

Yakima Craft Brewing - Stout

This begins my first beer review. I do not pretend to be a beer snob but hope that by writing out my thoughts, not only will I become more discriminating in my taste but will enjoy the different varieties of beers. I will use the format for reviews and hope I will be able to start tasting some of the subtle flavors as I gain experience.

I picked up (Stout) from Albertson’s on Clearwater Ave. in Kennewick. They store it in the walk-in fridge along with a wide selection of other craft brews. Albertson’s has this beer priced at $5.39 for the 22oz. bomber bottle. (Stout) is a seasonal label bottled by Yakima Craft Brewing Co. in Yakima, WA since February 2010. The website also says “(STOUT) is made with honey and features a classic dark-grain taste. Built to enjoy, this is a sessionable semi-sweet seasonal.” The bottle does not say what the alcohol level is, but according to the company’s website it is 6.3% by volume.


Appearance – The beer poured from the bottle with very little head which dissipated quite quickly. The beer is very dark, almost black.

Smell – I could smell a dark roasted smell almost of coffee.

Taste – The beer had a roasted taste that has some initial flavor but then seems to fall flat. I did not notice the honey mentioned by the website.

Mouthfeel – Sat well on the palate. Not too heavy but would like to have had some more flavor come to life.

Drinkability – Although the beer starts well, there is no finish. I would never turn it down but would look for something better if given the opportunity.