Jun 092013

Darya Pino Rose.

One of the biggest problems of modern society is the obscenely common use of sugar in nondessert foods. Although it’s fairly obvious to most people that a glazed doughnut isn’t the healthiest choice (10 grams of sugar), a Thai chicken salad from California Pizza Kitchen contains over four times as much sugar (45 grams). Sure, there are additional benefits from eating salad vegetables, but would you have guessed you were eating the equivalent of four doughnuts worth of sweetness by ordering a salad?

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Ever since the ‘low-fat’ craze has taken hold, food manufacturers (there is something wrong with that combination of words) have replaced the healthy, satiating fat that would come naturally in foods with sugar and other sweetners to make their creations palatable. Where I see this most often is in yogurt, labeled “low-fat” but with enough sugar (aka fruit) added that any health claims are moot.

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