Jul 252015
Goodnight PC

My office computer started showing signs of early dementia last week and by Wednesday I knew it was time to retire the computer. Thursday I had no choice. The first signs were minor. My computer was requiring re-login each time I came back to the office and other things I just attributed to windows quirks. […]

Sep 182014
RingCentral - Local Messages Error 0

After an update of the RingCentral software on a Windows 7 Professional machine the following message was received: RingCentral Softphone encountered an error accessing your Local Messages. Please Contact your System Administrator to check your user access settings (Error 0). It appears that something gets confused in RingCentral’s LocalStorage directory since you can navigate to […]

Jan 232014
Creating Permanent Web Links to Gmail Emails

Do you use Gmail? Have you ever needed to save a link to an email? Maybe just to bookmark some important info you will need later. I need links to individual emails that need to be followed-up, for meeting agendas, webinar info, event info, etc. These are all things that you don’t need cluttering your […]