Jul 252015
Goodnight PC

My office computer started showing signs of early dementia last week and by Wednesday I knew it was time to retire the computer. Thursday I had no choice. The first signs were minor. My computer was requiring re-login each time I came back to the office and other things I just attributed to windows quirks. […]

Jun 072008

Two months ago I [purchased a Gateway M-6319->New Vista Laptop — wishin it were XP] laptop at Costco. After waking up out of sleep mode, the system would not recognize a memory card if it was inserted. I thought I could live with it, but you really don’t want to have to reboot the machine […]

May 162008

::iimageright(“m6319.jpg”,”Gateway M-6319 Laptop”):: I finally broke down last month and bought myself a new laptop, a Gateway M-6319 from Costco. My previous box had developed some screen problems that made using the machine less than pleasurable. The problem with any new machine is that there is just so much software that needs to be installed […]

Jan 192008

::iimageright(“Sansa_e200.jpg”,”Sansa”):: I finally broke down and bought myself an MP3 player. I had held off for a long time because I could put my audiobooks on my Palm T3. What pushed me over the edge? Von received an 8gb iPod nano for Christmas. Yeah, in order to avoid the 10th commandment I would have to […]