Jun 072008

Two months ago I [purchased a Gateway M-6319->New Vista Laptop — wishin it were XP] laptop at Costco. After waking up out of sleep mode, the system would not recognize a memory card if it was inserted. I thought I could live with it, but you really don’t want to have to reboot the machine […]

May 162008

::iimageright(“m6319.jpg”,”Gateway M-6319 Laptop”):: I finally broke down last month and bought myself a new laptop, a Gateway M-6319 from Costco. My previous box had developed some screen problems that made using the machine less than pleasurable. The problem with any new machine is that there is just so much software that needs to be installed […]

Aug 242006

::iimageright(“usb2ide.jpg”,”IDE to USB Adapter”):: I just received the USB to IDE Adapter cable I ordered from Computer Geeks the other day. At $9.50 each they were a steal! (Plus I found a 10% off coupon online). I cannot trace where I found this, but it must have been on the FatWallet Hot Deals Forum. Why […]

Jun 132005

Having seen ads for computers, etc that require your fingerprint before they will operate I was intrigued by this article over at The Security Samurai. I had never considered the fact that I might need or want to be able to change the password when the password was my finger – even though I have […]