Jan 232014
Creating Permanent Web Links to Gmail Emails

Do you use Gmail? Have you ever needed to save a link to an email? Maybe just to bookmark some important info you will need later. I need links to individual emails that need to be followed-up, for meeting agendas, webinar info, event info, etc. These are all things that you don’t need cluttering your […]

Mar 012012
Using Free Rebids for Hotel Rooms on Priceline.com

Was needing a hotel room near the Spokane airport here in a couple of weeks, so once again I turned to the trusty BiddingForTravel.com website. I read through other people’s ‘success stories’ on the BiddingForTravel Washington Hotel forum and saw that $50 had won a room on Priceline.com before but not often. So I figured […]

Feb 132011
Feedom of Speech, Privacy, and Consequences

Lynne Curry gave a great response when a reader asked “Can my manager fire me for calling her ‘Dragon Lady’ and ‘snaggle-toothed’ on my MySpace page?” She finished her response with: “freedom of expression doesn’t mean zero consequences and you can’t claim privacy when you broadcast your views on the internet.” via Lynne Curry ‘On […]