Mar 102013
God's Goal for You is not Happiness - Matt Chandler - Village Church

The podcast sermons of Pastor Matt Chandler at The Village Church in Texas are some of my favorites. He not only handles scripture well but has a delivery style that is captivating. This sermon from Galatians challenges our preconceived notions of what God’s wonderful plan truly is for our life. It is not cruel, unjust, […]

Oct 092012
Weight Loss: Men vs Women

Von and I have both been eating the same basic foods for the last 4 months yet I have lost twice as much weight as she has. Why is it that guys seem to be able to lose weight easier than gals? I was listening to Jimmy Moore’s interview of Jenny Ruhl from back in […]

Dec 232008

Listen to: Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll at Classic Poetry Aloud This morning I listened to the poem “Jaberwocky” on my mp3 player. It was deposited there by the Classic Poetry Aloud podcast. As I listened, I thought of Hans and Jaeger, my grandsons. Not only do they battle their own Jaberwocks, they are full of […]

Aug 232008

::imageright(“”,”Edith Wharton”):: “You were married,” said the Spirit, “yet you did not find the fullness of life in your marriage?” “Oh, dear, no,” she replied, with an indulgent scorn, “my marriage was a very incomplete affair.” “And yet you were fond of your husband?” “You have hit upon the exact word; I was fond of […]

Aug 222008

::iimageright(“AstronomyCast.jpg”,”Astronomy Cast”):: Astronomy Cast humbly claims to take its listeners on a fact based journey through the cosmos. Astronomy is no longer just pointing a telescope at the sky and making observations. All of our ‘earthly’ sciences have a sister science in space The weekly podcast covers a wide range of astronomy topics using a […]