Sep 182014
RingCentral - Local Messages Error 0

After an update of the RingCentral software on a Windows 7 Professional machine the following message was received: RingCentral Softphone encountered an error accessing your Local Messages. Please Contact your System Administrator to check your user access settings (Error 0). It appears that something gets confused in RingCentral’s LocalStorage directory since you can navigate to […]

Dec 022008

I just received an email that in December Microsoft is going to announce Windows Live Sync. Live Sync is an upgrade of Foldershare, or as they state in the email, “think of it as FolderShare 2.0.” FolderShare keeps directories (folders) between two or more computers “sync’d up” over the internet. I have been using FolderShare […]

Nov 172008

Many of the programs we use in our office make different sounds when they need attention. We use [Miranda-IM->Miranda Instant Messenger] to ‘chat’ between desks and Pegasus for our internal e-mail program. Both of these work much better if you can get an audio cue when a new message comes in. Some folks in the […]

Jan 282008

::iimageright(“Mozy.png”,”Mozy”):: I have been running Mozy for about 6 months and have found it to work well. Luckily, I have not had to use the recover side of the software yet, but from what I read and my experience so far I am guessing that will work well also. There are 3 flavors of Mozy, […]