Apr 072006

MultiWP is a WordPress Plugin that lets you install WordPress once in one directory and then have multiple blogs run off this one installation. WordPress does not support multiple blogs by default. Normally you need a separate WordPress installation for every blog. The primary advantages to this is that when WordPress comes out with a […]

Jan 212006

To get listed in Google’s search index Google has to know your pages exist. The common way for you to introduce your pages to Google is to patiently wait for Google to come visit and ‘crawl’ your pages, discovering them from links in your blog and from other sites. Last June Google introduced a new […]

Jan 132006

I just installed Smart Update Pinger which replaces WordPress’ built-in update ping functionality. WordPress sends a ping to the update services every time you hit the ‘save’ button. This plugin only pings the services once so that edits of existing posts are “silent”. Why would you care? When you edit an older post and ping […]

Sep 222005

The Flickr DHTML Badge plugin for WordPress displays a Flickr-style badge on your site. The plugin retrieves the latest public photos for the specified user from the Flickr.com and rotates them within the specified area. The badge can be placed anywhere on your page. I placed mine in the top right corner of this blog. […]